Here are some messages from people I have worked with

You have helped me get through the most horrible period of my life and although I pay you for that I want to thank you so much.

Retired man, Grief and loss, Dec 2017

Thank you so much! She has been a different child since her two appointments with you. She has got through her exams and is coming on in leaps and bounds. Remarkable! 

Mum of highly anxious teenager - Dec 2017

I already feel that I may have finally got rid of this phobia.  I just wish that I had done this YEARS ago!

IJ, fear of public speaking - October 2017

You've been so great with him, he really does enjoy the sessions.  

Mum of young child with challenging behaviour - September 2017

Jo was amazing as always, she put me at ease and explained what was happening in my mind as to why I felt the way I do. I left feeling amazing it's a shame I can't keep her in my pocket.

Veteran recovering from trauma - September 2017

Dear Jo, You were amazing today.  Thank you so so much. My son has improved unrecognisably and I'm holding my breath in amazement. He has done no OCD at all, he looked at his feet (which were worrying him on the journey to you) several times on the way home and then rested his feet back on the floor. [...] Thank you so much.  He has even thanked me for taking him to see you which is a complete turn around as he was incandescent this morning.  Thank you so so much, we are so grateful to you. 
Mum of young man with severe OCD - September 2017

You created an absolutely perfect hypnosis session/guided meditation that hit the spot and used the perfect imagery, symbolism etc. to make it meaningful and powerful for me.

Woman wanting to build inner confidence and motivation - July 2017
Hi Jo, I'm currently on site at work. But it's very different this year. I've been able to be tired without being anxious or feeling hopeless, I haven't filled the quiet times (what there has been of them!) wasting my energy on things I've done wrong past, present, future. I haven't made a mistake and let it ruin my day, my vibe or my confidence. I feel very much myself, I feel in control and I have laughed more than I have done in a long time.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you do - coming to you hasn't changed a part of my life but honestly my life as a whole. I feel fuelled with tools to deal with things when things appear to be going 'wrong'. [...] 
My tendency to always think of the worst outcome, has been reversed. 

I honestly can't thank you enough for even just choosing to help people as your career choice. I have seen counsellors on and off for years and I've never been taken back to the place I'm in now.  I haven't gone to sleep or woken up tearful (I honestly don't remember a period of time this wasn't the case to the extent that I only realised it had been happening when it stopped). I was so absorbed in the negativity I couldn't see anything or anyone around me and if I could it was fuzzy, I felt very trapped and disconnected and was constantly tired from presenting otherwise. I now have a stable balance between focus on myself and others and strangely enough, using your tools this happens intrinsically. 

I feel like my life has purpose and I owe it all to you and the career path you chose.  All the best to yourself, and the people you help following me! Thanks again.

Young woman who recovered from severe anxiety and suicidal feelings - June 2017

You are such an amazing, empathetic, and caring person, and there are not enough people like you! You have always made me feel so comfortable and, unlike anyone else I have spoken to, I know you really care about me being happy. I appreciate all you have done for me, and my sessions with you during summer undoubtedly enabled me to enjoy my holidays to the fullest. I had the best time and felt good about myself for the first time in ages, and I really owe that to you. 

Student, anxiety and eating disorder - Spring 2017
Loved the course Jo. Learned loads. You are a great teacher.

Colleague after attending Human Givens College training workshop - June 2017

Thank you so much for our session yesterday, and for everything! Unless I find something that I've overlooked, I really think that we have been through all my problems. I am astounded that all my suffering really should be at an end! 

When I saw the Human Givens book on Amazon it sounded very good, and certainly different. I thought I would try just once more if I could find help from a book, or else simply give up, because nothing helped very much and I thought I'd just be a semi-invalid for the rest of my life. So, I am very grateful to you! 

It's been absolutely amazing! My life is totally different now.

Woman who suffered from childhood abuse and decades of severe agoraphobia, OCD and anxiety - Sept 2014

I booked in to see Jo recently when I realised my anxiety levels were controlling me rather than the other way around. They were affecting my sleep, my key relationships and my health in general. I found Jo to be immensely empathetic, practical and solution oriented - exactly what I needed. She helped me to articulate very specifically what I wanted to achieve from the session and how I would recognise success. She then took time to explain what was happening in my brain and body when my anxiety levels were out of control. She proceeded to help me visualise different ways of looking at and managing my anxiety. The chief one of these was to separate me from it through powerful imagery. This session was all about unlocking ways for me to help myself. Almost instantaneously, I noticed a huge improvement.

I feel in control of me again. I cannot recommend or thank Jo enough.

Woman struggling with high levels of stress and anxiety - February 2014
From a mum on a Just What We Need course for vulnerable parents - April 2013
Jo is a dedicated and highly competent psychological therapist. She provides effective therapy irrespective of the complexity of the presenting symptoms. This is of paramount importance to my clinical practice which specialises in the treatment of severe psychological trauma and comorbidity. Moreover, Jo is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Jo.

Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Wendy Amey, MD, CBT Rehabilitation Ltd
Service Category: Psychotherapy Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)

You’ve helped me get over a trauma that I hadn’t been able to get over for three years. I’d gone through various counselling and various groups but you’ve now helped me get past that and build ‘me’ again. I feel like myself and I feel like I can take on anything now, thanks to the help you’ve given me in that one to one session.

It really is life-changing: I'm now able to leave my children with other members of the family when I hadn't felt confident in leaving them before because I was so scared that something bad would happen.

I’m now able to go shopping and potentially see the perpetrator without having panic attacks and without getting the shakes and I don’t even get flashbacks anymore, whereas I used to wake up in the night and it would be terrible, I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. That’s now passed me and I’m amazed that it is, but it is.

When you said about doing the one-to-one I honestly didn’t think I could get a lot out of it because I’ve had so much counselling and as it happened three years ago I thought ‘Ok well, it’s worth a try but I doubt I will get much from it’. But in that one and a half hours you managed to do what five counsellors and two psychologists have been trying for three years to unravel. And you managed to do it within an hour and a half, so you really must be a genius or some sort of ... I don’t know, you managed to just get me through the worst time in my life and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Feedback from a parent on a Just What We Need course for parents I ran with my colleague Kevin McDonagh in a Children's Centre in Milton Keynes - February 2013
She came home on Cloud 9, it was an almost unbelievable transformation. Neither she or I could believe how much better she felt after just one session. I think she must have slept properly last night for the first time in ages. The last thing she said before she went to sleep was that I must write to thank you for the session and stress how wonderful it was! Her confidence and inner happiness have certainly improved no end. Can't thank you enough.
From the mum of a 13-year-old girl - June 2012


  Card from a girl aged 11 - July 2012


Seeing Jo has taken my daughter's life in a new direction. She has complete confidence in Jo and says that she doesn’t even know what her problem was. My daughter knows by now that even the darkest day and severe struggle will change for the better. I am so grateful because I know that having the experience that life will change gives courage and hope when you feel miserable.

Recommendation from the mum of a young woman - May 2012 
Jo Ham has been working with us since October 2010. We were part of a pilot project to take Ignite Counselling into Primary Schools, a much needed resource. 

During her time with us Jo has worked with numerous children with various difficulties including autism, OCD, ADHD, cerebal palsy, statemented children, travellers and those who had issues arising from their home environment. She works systematically and always keeps us fully informed about the progress the children are making (and they have all made progress). The children are taught strategies to use to help them cope with difficuties which arise during their day.

Jo sends detailed reports each term for each child which includes graphs of progress they have made from day one. She also keeps in very close contact with the school so that everyone involved with the children is aware of exactly what is happening on a weekly basis. This information has been invaluable for us in school. We feed back her findings to the class teacher and vice versa. 

The children all love going to see her each week (or fortnightly in some cases). No child is ever too much of a challenge for her and she bends over backwards to accommodate as many children as she can in the time she is with us, without compromising the process.

I highly recommend that Jo continues working with the children from this school once they arrive at High School. Her input enables them to feel confident to manage issues as they arise and her weekly meetings provide a secure base for them to grow and develop to their full potential."

Behaviour Management Team Leader, Primary School in Harrow - May 2012
I was really unhappy until you helped me! you make me smile! 
PS thanks for the tips. I will try them. I love your ideas."
8-year old girl with friendship and school problems - September 2012