Building emotional resilience in schools

I worked for many years as a school counsellor and play therapist in a number of schools across North London. I work with children as young as 4, up to 18.

Schools recognise the growing need for emotional support among children and young people. I developed a successful Emotional Resilience Programme to address this need and help children build their coping skills.

I have worked in a wide variety of London schools, both one-to-one with pupils and staff, as well as offering training to staff, parents and students. I worked for several years in:

Earlsmead Primary School, Harrow
Harrow Tuition Service - pupil referral unit, Harrow. Pupils excluded from mainstream schools
Tottenhall Infant School, Enfield

I've also provided short-term consultancy work and specialised training to many other primary and secondary schools in London, in both the public and private sectors.

Tried and tested results
The programme has a proven track record - I use outcome measures at the start and end of each session, and take feedback from children, staff and parents. I offer positive support which makes a lasting difference to children and to the various agencies working with them. I received referrals from schools and external agencies, for example: 
  • Social Services
  • Children’s Service
  • Children’s Centres
  • Charities such as Ignite Trust, Each Drug and Alcohol, and Space Project 

Therapy with Play - and Clay!

I blend Human Givens therapy with relaxation, clay therapy, art, songs and stories to fit each child’s needs. 
I offer help with a whole range of difficulties that affect children, from easing anxiety in all its forms, to improving behaviour, relationships and learning, and supporting children with challenging family situations.

I usually see children individually but I am always happy to involve parents, teachers or other staff where appropriate in our sessions so that they can consolidate the work done and extend support beyond our sessions. I provide personalised relaxation recordings so that children can continue to relax and work towards their goals in-between sessions. Children enjoy the sessions!

What children say

“I like it with you. I liked playing best” 

- Y2 boy, ADHD/behavioural problems

“It’s fun and it’s calmful with Jo” 

- Y3 girl, past trauma and abuse

“The things you’ve done with me made me lose my fears of water and heights” 

- Y3 boy, low self-confidence, phobias

“I use the breathing in class all the time. It makes me calm” 

- Y5 girl, previously bullied

“We talked about things that are important to me. I’m not afraid to go to High School anymore” 

- Y6 girl, disability / family issues

“My teacher has noticed I’ve been listening better in class” 

- Y6 boy at risk of exclusion 

“All of it was helpful” 

- Y8 girl

“My teacher has noticed I’m better behaved. She said I was doing well. It felt good”

- Y8 girl at risk of permanent exclusion

“I’ve stayed off weed and I feel so much better. I’m on track now [for GCSEs]”

- Y11 girl, previously excluded



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