Brief therapy that works                                                             

I am trained in Human Givens, a sensible approach which draws together everything that reliably helps people function well and be happy, whatever your background. Human Givens therapy is a form of brief therapy - it combines the most helpful aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and advanced coaching techniques with relaxation, mindfulness and guided imagery. 

The results are surprisingly swift, lasting changes - making your therapy refreshingly good value.

Practical, affordable help for dealing with distress 

Human Givens therapists concentrate on achieving reliable change in fewer sessions. Rather than dwelling unduly on the past and painful memories, I help my clients find their talents and resources so they can overcome their problems and move on.  

Tailor-made for you

An effective therapist takes care to work creatively with each client to devise a way forward, taking into account each person's individual circumstances and resources. Sometimes people feel that they’ve lost touch with their own talents, or they find that they are misusing them, for example by worrying too much; if this is the case for you, I will help you activate your own strengths and abilities so that you can feel the confidence to cope, now and in the future. 

By focusing on positive outcomes I will help you set and achieve the right goals for you. 

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